Performance advantages of fire - fighting diesel pump and Suggestions for purchasing

- Jul 19, 2018-

Speaking of the fire engine pump, I believe everyone has heard.Because this equipment can be said to be a very important helper in fire fighting.At the same time, with the continuous improvement of technical level, the application of fire engine pump is more and more extensive.So, in practice, what kind of characteristics does the device have?

In fact, the fire engine pump has many advantages in application.First, the user can according to need to set the time of various process control of diesel engine, including start preheating time, before the start time delay time, start motor from speed, start time, soft acc process time delay, the idle running time, idle speed cooling down time, etc.

Secondly, in the process of operating the fire engine pump, the user can flexibly set the speed of the engine according to the actual needs, so as to meet the requirements of the head and flow.In the process of operation, in addition, the device can automatically monitor the engine is started, idle speed, speed, speed the process of speed change, at the same time can also be done automatically input and out of the starting motor, and has a high speed and low pre-alarm and excessive downtime, etc.

Of course, when people are using fire engine pump, they have higher requirements on its performance and function.Therefore, it is a very important problem for users to choose the right type.So, in the process of choose and buy, what should notice after all?

In order to solve this problem, we should first choose the suitable structure and specification, especially pay attention to the main technical parameters of fire engine pump.In addition, more specific and specific requirements should be put forward according to the use situation, so as to select a more suitable fire engine pump.