Operation requirements and precautions for agricultural generators.

- Mar 06, 2018-

Agricultural generator before you start should be effective check the fuel tank of oil is enough, when use it without oil tubing and tapping, agricultural water generator cooling system to adequate and clean won't appear the phenomenon of leakage, fan belt tightness.

Check internal combustion engine and generator drive part should be reliable, the wire insulation of output line is good, each instrument is complete and effective.

Agricultural generator 5 minutes after the start to a low speed, valid until its temperature and machine hydraulic wheel are normal, so you can begin to work, the generator should be the same ring in the acc, slip ring and commutator brush contact is good, no beating and sparks.

When the operation is stable, the frequency and voltage will reach the rated value before power can be supplied.

Agricultural generator cannot appear in the process of running sound, smell, and the situation of the sharp rise in the water temperature, if there is need in the process of operating the machine immediately to check and effective troubleshooting, shall not exceed the late phase generator power factor 0.95 (lag).

The range of frequency value shall not exceed 0.5HZ.

Agricultural generator outage should cut off the power supply branch first before the main switch, gradually reduce the load, and then cut off the generator power supply main switch, the field rheostat answer back to the maximum resistance position, make the voltage drop to the lowest, then cut off excitation switch and neutral point grounding switch, the last stop of internal combustion engine operation.

During the maintenance of the agricultural generator, the replacement time of the diesel filter cartridge is 300H.

The replacement time of air filter cartridge is 400H.

The first change time of the oil filter is 50H, then 250H.

The first time of oil change is 50H, and the normal oil change time is 250H.http://www.wandiengine.com/