Operation requirements and advantages of electric feed pump motor

- Apr 03, 2019-


The electric feed pump motor mainly refers to the magnetic pole formed after the rotor coil of the generator is connected with the excitation current.


Simply put, each turn of the rotor in the stator's coil can be induced to form several cycles of current. Different poles are needed to generate 50hz potential, which requires different rotation speed.


Requirements for operation of electric feed pump motors


1. It is necessary to effectively maintain the balance of the rotor, coupler, coupling and transmission wheel (brake wheel)


2. The core support of the electric feed pump motor is loose, the oblique key and pin are invalid and loose, and the rotor needs to be tied tightly, so that the rotating part of the equipment is balanced.


3. The shaft system of the linkage part of the electric feed pump motor needs to be centered, and the center line needs to coincide.


4. The gear and coupling connected with the boiler pump motor are in good condition, with even gear bite and good wheelset lubrication.