Operation procedures of diesel generator sets

- Oct 06, 2017-

1, the presence of "three leakage" (oil leak , water leak and gas leak)and examine whether the wire connection strong and ever aging phenomenon.
2, check the lubricating oil (should be in the middle of the oil dipstick calibration and insufficient should added lubricating oil).
3, check the battery voltage, should be in 24-27 v.
4, check the coolant fluid level,  should be added coolant if shortage .
5, check whether the abrupt stop switch in the open state, or you should follow the direction of arrow rotation, the abrupt stop switch will automatically pop up, then press the "RESET" button.
6, If the output switch in the off state, do not take load starting.

300kva generator.jpg 7, manual operation
(1) press the "START" (starting key), unit starting operation, unit speed, frequency, voltage to rating state.
(2)Observe the coolant temperature, oil pressure is normal.
(3) load should be 30% to 50% for the first time, when the temperature of the coolant is 60-75 ℃, the lubricating oil pressure is controlled in 5 bar, can load by 70% to 80%, smooth operation after full load operation, but do not overload operation.
(4) should be ready to record the equipment operation, should record for every half an hour, and watch the presence of "three leakage" and units without exception.
5] unload gradually best before downtime.
[6] disconnect output switch, after waiting for no-load operation for 5 minutes, then press the "STOP" (STOP key), the unit STOP running.


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