Operation instruction of WD305 series diesel engine Selection of fuel and cooling water

- Jan 12, 2018-

A. Selection of fuel 

Selecting proper fuel is very important and should be according to the environmental temperature the engine runs in. In the southern hot weather area, light diesel fuel with high cloud point is OK. In the cold northern area, light diesel fuel with low cloud point is necessary. For example, under ordinary ambient temperature, light diesel fuel of grade 0 or -10 is OK. In the south with high temperature, light diesel fuel of grade 10 is all right. And in the north with very low temperature, the light diesel fuel of grade -35 or lower is needed.

Water content and mechanical impurities in the diesel fuel must be as little as possible, or it possibly causes premature blockage of the fuel filter and rusting of the engine parts etc. Poor quality diesel fuel mixing water, kerosene, gasoline up is forbidden to be used.

Note: The fuel must be clean, it’s necessary to settle the fuel at least 7days or filter it through silk cloth in order to remove the mechanical impurities contained. The fuel without being settled or filtered is forbidden, otherwise, it may easily cause fuel supplying problems.


B. Selection for cooling water

As for cooling water for the engine, city supply water and clean river water is recommended. Well water and other underground water containing too much minerals should not be used, because scale will formed in the water jacket, affecting the cooling efficiency and thus causing engine fault.

When the engine is operated under the environmental temperature of lower than 0℃, special care must be taken to prevent some concerning parts from being damaged by frozen water. Therefore, please exhaust all the cooling water as soon as the engine stops. However, proper antifreeze can be added into the cooling system.

Note: 100% antifreeze can’t be used as cooling water.

      Seawater can’t be used as cooling water directly.

If there is too much scale and dirt accumulated in the cooling system, it should be cleaned with cleaning solution, which can be made up in the proportion of 1L water, 40g soda and 10g sodium silicate.


C. Grease Lubricant

The grease lubricant for the engine’s roller bearing of fan pulley is the same as the cars’ lithium grease. The grease chamber has been fulfilled before delivery, and users should check and refill it when maintaining the engine.http://www.wandiengine.com/