Main components and installation requirements of diesel generating sets

- Sep 06, 2018-

In terms of composition, the so-called diesel generating set actually includes many different equipment, including diesel engine, ac synchronous generator, control screen and chassis, radiator, coupling and fuel tank, etc.In some cases, corresponding mufflers and enclosures are required.The main shaft between diesel engine and generator is direct connection.

In order to ensure that the diesel generating set is stable during operation, the corresponding flywheel on the main shaft is also required.Normally, the manufacturer will assemble it directly into a complete set for supply.Some of them determine the capacity and number of the generator first, and then select the diesel engine to drive the generator.As for the fuel system and the starting air system equipment, it can be separately configured, or multiple units can be centrally configured.

In order to guarantee the operation effect, some details must be taken into account in the installation of diesel generator sets.First, more than one meter space should be reserved around the unit, and the end of the water tank should refer to the size of the water tank core set ventilation Windows.

Secondly, when the foundation foundation is established, hard and flat ground should be selected. After tamping, a concrete floor with thickness of 200mm should be made and the foundation ground of diesel generator set should be made smooth.In addition, in the process of building the machine room, it is necessary to embed the i-beam in the roof above the unit for later maintenance.

In addition, the established machine room should maintain a good ventilation effect, the entire ground should be kept flat, and has a certain anti-skid effect.The machine room should be well ventilated and the ground should be flat and non-skid.The inner diameter of the exhaust pipe of a diesel generator set shall not be less than the diameter of the exhaust port of the diesel engine.