Low noise generator design

- Jun 24, 2019-


1Diesel power generation is used as backup power source for municipal power supply and emergency power supply equipment for post and telecommunications, financial, medical, hotel and national defense departments.In many places where the mains electricity supply is not normal or can not reach the mains electricity, the diesel generator set is the common power supply equipment.

2. Diesel generator sets bring convenience to people, while its strong noise also brings serious noise pollution.With the increasing attention of the public to environmental protection, the national noise control laws and regulations become increasingly strict, making the design of low-noise diesel generator set become an urgent problem that people pay wide attention to.

3. Noise pollution must have three elements.Noise sources, noise transmission channels and receivers.Only when these three elements exist simultaneously can noise cause environmental pollution and harm to human body.

4. Therefore, noise control should also start from these three aspects, which should be studied separately and considered as a system comprehensively.The order of priority is: noise source control, route control (isolating the source from the outside world by the route of transmission, e.g., by means of a sound shield, which may be filled with sound absorbing material) and receiver protection (e.g.