Irrigation diesel generator set starting mode and oil replacement

- Oct 15, 2018-


1.Diesel generating sets for irrigation, are they ordinary diesel generating sets?

The ordinary diesel generator set is a kind of power supply equipment which takes the diesel engine as the prime mover and drags the synchronous generator to generate electricity.And the device has some advantages, such as quick start, easy operation and maintenance, low investment and strong adaptability to the environment.It is composed of three parts: engine, generator and controller.


In application, diesel generator sets have many applications, or can be said to have a wide range of applications.Diesel generating sets for irrigation, compared with ordinary diesel generating sets, are targeted in application, mainly for irrigation.Therefore, it is not as widely used as ordinary diesel generators.However, in the unit structure, there are diesel engine, generator and controller these three parts.


2.Starting mode of diesel generator for irrigation

Diesel generator sets for irrigation are started in the same way as ordinary diesel generators, which include manual starting, electric starting and compressed air starting.If there are some difficulties in starting, the manual starting device can be installed, but its performance and quality must meet the relevant requirements.


3. Whether there are relevant standards for diesel generating sets for irrigation and the replacement cycle of oil?

Diesel generators for irrigation, like diesel generators for other purposes, are subject to the same standards and must be strictly implemented to avoid problems.For diesel generating sets of different USES, their reference and execution standards are different. The reference and implementation standards for communication and credit diesel generating sets are gb2820-1997. For irrigation diesel generating sets, they are reference and implementation standards.


The oil in the diesel generating sets for irrigation also needs to be replaced regularly to ensure the smooth and normal operation of the units.The replacement requirements are the new unit's initial operation of 50 hours, and the unit's repair or overhaul of 50 hours after the replacement of new oil.Generally speaking, the replacement period of motor oil is 250 hours or one month.In addition, some methods can be used to get the exact replacement time of the engine oil.