Iran Teheran International Industry Exhibition(Exhibits range)

- Sep 25, 2017-

1, power transmission and control technology, mechanical transmission, fluid power transmission, hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, cylinder and drive, hydraulic valve test rig, hydraulic systems, industrial liquid, filter, centralized lubrication system and lubrication pump, pneumatic motor, cylinder, pressure adjusting device, the overall pressure control device, voltage transformer, double fluid actuator, soft hose and connection pipe, sealing device and accessories, instrumentation valves, etc.

2, industrial parts and contracted technology: castings and forgings, fasteners, screws, metal parts products, solid forming, the cutting technology parts, machine cutting metal parts, auto parts, parts, tools and molding, assembly and metal structure locks and accessories, production assembly services, contract services, engineering services, etc.

3, electrical engineering, control technology, measurement technology, the regulator technology, industrial automation/industrial computers, network communications, radio, embedded systems, sensor systems, industrial image processing, testing equipment, rack system, magnetic products, etc.

4, mechanical engineering, automation assembly processing systems and components, production equipment, special industrial motor, servo motor, general small, specialized design of small motor, inverter, inverter devices and components, electric drive control system, electric governor, electromagnetic gear, electric motor components, etc.

5, energy technology, power generation, power station, hot joint system, all kinds of motor and power generation equipment, power distribution, energy conversion and storage, energy transmission, control equipment, frequency converter, meter, protection systems, housing, building technology, electricity, gas, water, network equipment, energy infrastructure, etc.

6, renewable energy, solar energy, natural gas, biomass, hydropower, geothermal energy, project planning and services.

7, all kinds of machine tools and machining: metal machinery and power head, grinding, tool grinding machine, gear cutting and finishing machine, shaping machine, forming machine, slotting machine, broaching machine, sawing machine, screw machine, the honing machine, grinding machine and polishing machine, shearing machine, plate punching machine, plate forming machine, plate processing unit and system, press, etc.

8, hardware electronics, iron and steel materials, non-ferrous metal materials, transmission equipment, auxiliary tools, pneumatic tools, household hardware, elevator, wire and cable, electronic instrumentation, oil drilling tools and equipment, etc.

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