Installation of main engine of diesel generator

- May 10, 2019-


1) the unit must be inspected in detail on site before installation, and detailed transportation, hoisting and installation schemes shall be prepared according to the actual situation on site.


2) check the construction quality and anti-vibration measures of the foundation to ensure that the design requirements are met.


3) proper hoisting equipment and rigging shall be selected according to the installation location and weight of the unit, and the equipment shall be hoisted in place. Transportation and hoisting of the unit shall be carried out by the rigger and with the cooperation of the electrician.


4) use the fixing iron such as shim iron to carry out leveling operation of the stabilizer and pre-tighten the anchor bolts.Leveling must be completed before the anchor bolts are tightened.Use wedges to find peacetime, a pair of wedges should be connected by spot welding.