Installation of diesel engine fire pump Group

- Aug 24, 2017-

1. The exhaust gas of the diesel engine is loaded with asbestos and the rain prevention device and add muffler, installation of exhaust pipe bends as little as possible, so as to avoid a large number of heat emitted in the room so as to ensure fresh air in the engine room, the support of the exhaust pipe should be considered to reduce vibration and avoid its weight added to the diesel engine and other factors can reduce noise.

2. The room should be equipped with adequate ventilation, in order to ensure that the room is well ventilated, the room temperature is not more than 40 ℃, if the ventilation conditions can not meet and cooling requirements, the vent should be installed separately into the exhaust fan, so as to enhance the room ventilation performance.

3. Because the unit on both sides will have installed cooling fan, for this purpose in the installation should be with the water tank left with a 1m channel and space, so conducive to better cooling, equipment maintenance and maintenance, but also according to their own actual situation, according to the height of the equipment to determine the height of the ceiling.

4. Diesel Engine fire pump unit base generally uses the concrete structure, the foundation middle arranges the groove, the periphery faces the trench, so that the sewage oil discharges, simultaneously the unit base is should maintain the formation, the gasket must be flat, if it is not smooth you can use the horizontal ruler on the pump shaft to ensure that the transmission shaft level, only the base and the pump adjustment, to ensure that the unit solid, at the same time, when correcting the coaxial degree of the transmission shaft between the fire pump and the diesel engine, it should be ensured that the two axes are straight and the interval is equal.