Inspection of fire engine pump before starting

- Mar 24, 2018-

Before starting the fire engine pump, a series of tests are required to ensure the subsequent smooth operation.

First, we need to see whether the voltmeter above the control cabinet shows whether the value is within the normal range. Under normal circumstances, the display value of the meter should be between 24 and 26.


Next, we need to carefully check whether the various parts of the fire engine pump are normal, especially if the attachment is in good condition.

In addition, it should ensure its cleanliness so as not to be affected by foreign objects during operation.

It is also necessary to check whether the oil level inside the diesel engine is normal.

Normally, its oil level should be between L and H.


If the oil level is found to be too low, it should be added in time to meet the standard requirements.

It should be noted that when adding oil, be sure to add the same type of oil.

In addition, the staff also need to check whether the coolant in the fire engine pump tank is normal.

Theoretically, the coolant in the tank should be filled.


After finish the inspection of the above, the last also need to pay attention to the view of diesel engine fire pump control cabinet is connected to the power, and to pay attention to check and confirm that all the power of the control cabinet connection is normal, the corresponding power indicator light is lit.


You need to be reminded that you also need to take into account the ambient temperature.

If the site temperature is low, it should be preheated to start before 5 degrees.

Before starting, it is necessary to check whether the preheating plug of the fire engine pump is normal.


The above is a series of inspection work that should be carried out before starting the fire engine pump.

Hope the above content can provide some reference for you, confirm that everything is normal, then the fire engine pump can start.