Improper operation of diesel generator not allowed

- Nov 19, 2018-


The wrong operation of diesel generator can seriously affect the service life of diesel generator set. Next, let's learn about the wrong operation mode of diesel generator in daily life.


Diesel generator error operation 1: diesel engine running when oil is insufficient.

At this point, due to insufficient oil supply, the surface of each friction pair will be insufficient oil supply, resulting in abnormal wear or burns.Therefore, before starting the diesel generator and during the operation of the diesel engine, sufficient oil should be ensured to prevent the failure of drawing cylinder and burning tile caused by lack of oil.


Diesel generator error operation 2: stop the generator immediately after the sudden discharge or sudden discharge of the load.

After the engine generator is shut off, the circulation of the water cooling system  stops, and the heat dissipation capacity drops sharply, and the heating parts lose cooling, which will easily cause the cylinder cover, cylinder sleeve, cylinder body and other parts to overheat, cause cracks, or cause the excessive expansion of the piston stuck in the cylinder sleeve.On the other hand, when the diesel generator is shut down without cooling at idle speed, there will be insufficient oil in the friction surface, and when the diesel engine starts again, it will be aggravated by bad lubrication.Therefore, the diesel generator should be unloaded before it goes off, and gradually reduce the speed of rotation and operate for a few minutes without load (it is required to operate for 3 minutes without load).


Diesel generator error operation 3: cold start up without warm machine operation.

When the diesel generator starts up, due to the high viscosity and poor fluidity of the oil, the oil supply of the oil pump is insufficient, and the friction surface of the machine is not well lubricated due to lack of oil, resulting in sharp wear and even the failure of drawing cylinder and burning tile.Diesel engine cooling after start-up, therefore, should be idle running to heat up, for the oil temperature is above 40 ℃ (in the winter when using, such as cooling water degree reaches 60 ℃) when loading operation;The machine should be started at low speed and run in sequence for a period of distance at each stop until the oil temperature is normal and the fuel supply is sufficient.


Diesel generator error operation 4: diesel engine cold start after the throttle.

If the throttle, the diesel generator speed sharply increased, will cause some friction surface on the plane due to dry friction and severe wear.In addition, the piston, connecting rod and crankshaft handling force changes greatly when the throttle is hit, causing severe impact and easy to damage the parts.


Diesel generator error operation 5: running under insufficient cooling water or excessive cooling water and oil temperature.

The lack of cooling water of diesel generator will reduce its cooling effect.Cooling water and oil are too hot, which can cause the diesel engine to overheat.At this time, diesel generator cylinder cover, cylinder sleeve, piston assembly and valve, etc. are under large thermal loads, and their mechanical properties, such as strength, toughness, etc. decline sharply, which increases the deformation of the parts, reduces the coordination gap between the parts, accelerates the wear of the parts, and in serious cases, there will be cracks and stuck of the parts.Diesel generator overheating will also worsen the combustion process of diesel engines, making the injector work out of order, poor atomization and increased carbon accumulation.