How to use the radiator of diesel generator set(2)

- Dec 03, 2018-

软文插入常用Diesel generating sets of radiator, the generating set of the whole body, plays a considerable role. If the radiator use undeserved, can cause considerable damage to the diesel engine and generator, serious when, can cause the abandonment of diesel engine. Then, such as "the correct use of diesel generating sets radiator" has become a more important topic:


1. Replenish soft water in time

Add antifreeze in the water tank, if you find that the water tank level is lower, in the premise of ensuring no external leakage, just add clean soft water (distilled water is better), because the general use of ethylene glycol type antifreeze boiling point is high, evaporation is the moisture in antifreeze, do not need to supplement antifreeze and just add soft water can.It is worth mentioning that: never add unsoftened hard water.


2. Timely discharge antifreeze to reduce corrosion

Whether it is normal type antifreeze or long-term antifreeze, when the temperature becomes high, should be released in a timely manner, so as to prevent the corrosion of increased parts.Because in antifreeze added preservatives can longer duration of use and gradually reduce or failure, what is more, some simply did not add preservatives, it would have a very strong corroding effect on parts, so must be released in a timely manner according to the temperature situation, antifreeze, and after the release of antifreeze cooling line conducting a thorough cleaning.


3. Change water and clean pipelines regularly

Frequently in cooling water is not recommended because of cooling water in over a period of time after use, minerals have precipitation, unless the water is very dirty, may stop line and radiator, don't easily replaced, because even if the new change of cooling water softening treatment, but also contains a certain minerals, these minerals can deposit on the place such as water jacket and form scale, water change much more frequently, the more precipitation of minerals, scale, the more thick, so it should be replaced periodically according to the actual situation of cooling water.Cooling line should be cleaned during replacement. The cleaning fluid can be prepared with caustic soda, kerosene and water.At the same time to maintain the water switch, especially in the winter before the timely replacement of the damaged switch, bolts, sticks, rags and other alternatives.


4. Open the water tank cover when discharging water

If do not open cistern cover when draining water, although cooling water can flow out a part, but as the water quantity inside radiator decreases, because cistern is airtight, can produce certain vacuum degree, and make current slows down or stop, because discharge water is not clean when winter and freeze bad machine part.


5. Water should not be released immediately at high temperature

Before the engine off, if the engine temperature is very high, do not immediately stop the water, should be unload to make its idle running, stay again when water temperature dropped to 40-50 ℃ water, to prevent contact with the water of the cylinder block, cylinder head, water jacket outside surface temperature due to sudden water plummeted, a sharp contraction, and the temperature inside the cylinder block is very high, narrow, easily because of the large temperature difference between inside and outside the cylinder block, cylinder head to produce cracks.


6. Idle the engine after discharging water in cold winter

In cold winter, should be released within the engine cooling water starting engine idling for a few minutes, this is mainly because after the water pump and other parts may be some residual moisture, after starting again, on the place such as the body temperature may dry pumps of residual moisture, make sure that there is no water in the engine, to prevent pump freezing and water seal tear caused by leakage phenomenon.



In the future, the weather gradually turned cold, please pay attention to the majority of users at all times generator tank coolant changes, immediately add antifreeze, immediately discharge coolant, so as not to freeze the tank, damage diesel generator, causing irreversible economic losses.