How to use the radiator of diesel generator set (1)

- Nov 30, 2018-

软文插入常用Diesel generating sets of radiator, the generating set of the whole body, plays a considerable role. If the radiator use undeserved, can cause considerable damage to the diesel engine and generator, serious when, can cause the abandonment of diesel engine. Then, such as "the correct use of diesel generating sets radiator" has become a more important topic:


1. Use clean and soft water.

Soft water is usually rainwater, snow water and river water, these water contain few minerals, suitable for engine use.And the mineral content in well water, spring water and tap water is high.The minerals in the water are easy to form scale and rust on the wall of water tank, water jacket and water channel after being heated, which makes the engine heat dissipation capacity become poor and easy to lead to engine overheating. The added water must be clean, water containing impurities will block the waterway, aggravate the wear and tear of pump impeller and other parts.If hard water is used, it must be softened beforehand, usually by heating and adding caustic soda (usually caustic soda).


2.Do not start before adding water.

Some users, in order to facilitate starting up in winter, or because the water source is far away, often take the method of starting up before adding water. This method is very harmful.After the engine starts dry, because there is no cooling water in the body, the engine components heat up rapidly, especially the temperature of the cylinder head and the injector of the diesel engine is particularly high.If the cooling water is added at this time, the cylinder head and jacket are easy to crack or deform due to sudden cooling.When the engine temperature is too high, the engine load should be removed before the low speed idling, when the water temperature is normal and then add cooling water.


3. "pot", to prevent burns.

After cistern "boil boiler", do not open cistern cover blindly, in case scald.The correct approach is idle speed idling for a while before extinguishing the generator, the temperature of the motor to be sent down, after the pressure of the water tank down and then unscrew the water tank cover.Unscrew with a towel or wipe cloth over the lid of the box, to prevent hot water, steam spray on the face, body.Do not look down on the head of the tank, screw open quickly after the hand, to no heat, steam, and then take down the tank cover, strictly prevent burns.


4.Use hot water in winter.

If the cold water is added in the cold winter, the water tank launching chamber and inlet pipe are prone to freeze, resulting in water can not circulate, and even make the tank swell crack.Hot water injection, on the one hand, can increase the temperature of the engine to facilitate starting;On the other hand, the above freezing phenomenon can be avoided as far as possible.


5.Antifreeze should be of high quality.

The quality of antifreeze fluid on the market at present is uneven, a lot of it is shoddy.If there is no preservative in the antifreeze, it will seriously corrode engine cylinder head, water jacket, radiator, water ring, rubber parts and other parts, and produce a large amount of scale at the same time, making the engine heat dissipation is poor, resulting in engine overheating fault.Because this must choose the product of regular manufacturer.