How to maintain diesel engine fire pump

- Aug 24, 2017-

The correct maintenance of diesel engine fire pump, especially preventive maintenance, is the easiest and most economical maintenance, so it is to prolong the service life and

The key to reducing the cost of use.

Daily maintenance can be divided into the following areas:

1. Keep the computer room neat, the unit and its ancillary equipment should be flexible and reliable;

2. Check whether the connection condition of the pump unit is good, the rotational part is flexible, the circuit and the instrument connector are solid and reliable, the wires are loose and the state of the foam mixing system and cooling system is intact;

3. Check fuel tank, engine oil bottom shell, heat exchanger, water diversion box and foam liquid capacity is sufficient, when insufficient to add in time;

4. Check whether the engine circuit, circuits are normal and reliable, to ensure that can be put into operation at any time;

5. The engine must be operated every day to check the starting performance of the engine, which must be pumped for several hours each week after idling.