How does the lubrication quality affect the diesel generator set?

- Sep 10, 2018-

Said to the diesel generator set for the engine oil pressure of high and low, to a large extent, actually is also will direct it marks the lubrication system on the technical condition quality, if the oil pressure of diesel generating set too low or too high, it will to a great extent, actually is also directly affect the quality of the diesel generator lubrication.

Once the oil pressure on the diesel generator set is abnormal, the cause should be found out immediately and ruled out.Then, the oil pressure on the diesel generator set is always relatively low. For this reason, the oil pressure gauge indicates that the oil pressure will be lower than 69kPa at any speed or temperature, and the oil pressure alarm lamp will be very shiny.

In view of this, that is because the diesel generating set on the generator oil or oil does not meet the requirements.More common, in fact, because of the oil sump tank less oil;If the oil becomes dilute or degenerate, the viscosity will be reduced.This is what happens when oil is mixed with water or diesel.

In addition, when the oil pump on the diesel generator set is severely worn or improperly assembled, if the oil pressure of the pump cannot meet the requirements, we should pay attention to the oil leakage in the pump.The oil filter or the filter would be heavily clogged with sludge and the oil would be difficult to get into the main oil channel.

Finally, in the case of loose sealing of the inlet joint of the oil pump and oil pipe in the diesel generator set, there will be serious air intake phenomenon to a large extent.In addition, the lubricating oil road on the diesel generator set will have a serious leakage phenomenon, which causes the oil in the main oil channel to flow back to the oil sump from the leaking area and thus relieve pressure.