Fuel saving method of power unitSometimes

- Aug 13, 2019-


Oil is more expensive than gold, for the generator users, of course, the more fuel economy is better, but, and can not destroy the machine, so can only be usually from the details of the fuel economy.Purification:

Pay attention to the diesel fuel tank use after a period of time, the bottom will precipitate some minerals or impurities, should be regularly cleared or purification, so as not to the normal work of the plunger and fuel injection head larger impact, easy to cause the fuel supply time no uneven, fuel supply, fuel atomization and poor, cause increase fuel consumption, power down.

Remove carbon deposit on time: diesel engine at work, due to the relevant components produce high temperature in the combustion process, the ash charcoal polymer adhere to the valve, valve seat, the place such as nozzle, the piston at the top, not clear in time will increase fuel consumption, and seriously affect the normal work of the engine, in general, the best removal of a 4 to 6 months.

Maintain a certain water temperature: the cooling water temperature of the diesel engine is maintained at about 45-65c, so as not to cause incomplete diesel combustion due to too low Water temperature, increase the load of the machine itself.

Cooling water is best to use mineral free "soft water" (such as distilled water, rain), should not abuse sewage, muddy water. 

Do not overload work: small horse-drawn cart type overload operation, make a considerable portion of diesel into black smoke, did not play the due efficiency, fuel consumption increase, but also shorten the service life of the relevant parts.

Regular inspection and maintenance: must have the concept of "maintenance is more important than treatment, prevention is more important than repair".Pay attention to the careful maintenance and maintenance, to do regular inspection and adjustment of valve clearance, oil injection pressure, oil supply time, and timely eliminate the cooling water jacket scale, dirt.