The fire reserve diesel generator set should meet the requirements

- Nov 05, 2018-


Not all generating sets can be used as fire reserve diesel generating sets, which needs to meet certain conditions and requirements.

(1) when the regional power supply conditions cannot meet the power supply reliability requirements of fire control primary and secondary loads, the fire reserve diesel generator set shall be set to meet the power supply requirements.

(2) self-provided emergency generator set shall be equipped with fast automatic start and power automatic switch device when it is a diesel generator set for fire control, and shall have three consecutive self-start functions.In addition, the total number of generating units should not exceed two, and the capacity of a single unit should be less than 800KW.

(3) for the selection of diesel generating set for fire control, high-speed diesel generating set and brushless automatic excitation device should be selected, because the high-speed type has the advantages of small size, light weight, fast start and operation, safety and reliability, etc., the brushless automatic excitation device can use various starting modes, and it is easy to realize the automation of unit operation.At the same time, when used with automatic voltage regulator, the adjustment rate of static voltage is controlled within 2.5%.