Fire engine pumps unique

- Aug 29, 2018-

Compared with other similar equipment, the fire engine pump has certain advantages in many aspects.For example, its main advantages are reasonable structure, good start-up, strong overload capacity, easy to use, easy maintenance and high degree of automation.That is to say, in many ways, the fire engine pump is a reliable fire equipment.

From the analysis of the current situation, in fact, most of the fire engine pumps introduced in the market are directly connected with the pump through a high elastic coupling or diaphragm coupling.In the aspect of system control, it can choose separate control panel and programmable controller to control.Of course, the diesel engine control system can also be used for control.The maximum power of the equipment can be up to 1,200kw, and it can also be equipped with pumps with different head and flow to meet different user requirements.

In addition, from the perspective of practical application, users will feel very flexible and convenient when using this fire engine pump unit, because it has many protective functions, such as overspeed protection, three-time startup failure protection and low battery voltage protection.

In fact, in addition to these features, the fire engine pump unit can also achieve the requirements of remote monitoring. For example, we can connect it with the automatic fire alarm device or the integrated control cabinet of the fire control system to achieve this goal.The cooling water tank can be cooled by the engine driving fan when the engine is cooled.

In fact, the cooling system of the fire engine pump unit is a closed circulation structure, and the water tank is usually installed on the chassis.In addition, the fire engine pump also has the function of water diversion, so users can add automatic water drainage device if necessary.