Fire engine pump emergency start instruction.

- Mar 26, 2018-

As a user, we must be familiar with the fire engine pump equipment to stop operation.

For example, after the selection switch is turned off the full stop position, the corresponding indicator light should be on, and the voltmeter has a voltage display, and its voltage value should be within 24 to 26V range.

If normal, then close the PLC power circuit breaker, switch power indicator light up.


In addition, the RUN indicator on the diesel pump PLC should also be lit.

If the indicator light is not on, it means that the PLC is out of order.

In this case, we need to take an emergency start and stop button operation on the device.

In other words, if the RUN indicator on the PLC is on, the system can work.


So, how do we do this when we have a PLC failure?

It should be known that the fire engine pump should be operated in an emergency mode.

Therefore, the staff needs to press the green emergency start button to start the motor, and then the motor will drive the diesel engine to start until the diesel engine starts.


It is important to note that if you hold down the button time has more than ten seconds, but it still won't start, means that the diesel engine fire pump difficult start, or is unable to start, need to immediately let go.

Personnel should then be checked and targeted measures should be taken.

After the problem is solved, the device can be started.


There is another special situation, it is after the failure in the emergency start, find the equipment run light is still flashing, then need to press the emergency stop button, at this time to reset the diesel engine fire pump start to prepare for the next time.

Normally, after the emergency start button is installed, the PLC will stop working because the power is cut off.