Fire diesel generator set price considerations and commissioning

- Nov 14, 2018-


Diesel generating sets for fire fighting, namely diesel generating sets used in fire fighting, are used to generate electricity for specific purposes and provide power for equipment to operate and work normally. So, in some cases, this kind of diesel generator will be used. Moreover, it should have a deep and comprehensive understanding to realize the correct use of the product and avoid wrong use.


1. As for the selection of fire reserve power, is there more diesel generating sets used?

At present, in the choice of fire power, diesel generator set is used as backup power, and it is also a common way. Because in fire fighting, it is to need to carry on two way power supply commonly, can be two power plant or two transformer power supply, also can be one way city electricity one way diesel generator set comes power supply, but should accord with the requirement of fire fighting reserve power. Therefore, based on the above mentioned point, diesel generators will be adopted, that is, fire fighting diesel generators.


2. What is the price of diesel generating sets for fire protection related to?

From a professional perspective, the price of the diesel generating set for fire protection is related to the product brand, product configuration and unit power size of the unit, and these three are important factors that cannot be ignored and ignored, so as not to affect the determination of product price and the correct selection of products. In addition, attention should be paid to the price of diesel generating sets for fire control, so as to carry out the selection of this product smoothly.


3. What are the start-up and debugging contents of the diesel generating sets for fire fighting in high-rise buildings?

In high-rise buildings, diesel generating sets for fire control are used, and their start-up and commissioning work is as follows:

(1) confirm that the coupling is in alignment, the fuel has been added, the battery has been charged, the valves have been opened and the water cooling system is working properly.

(2) close the outlet valve of the pump and open the inlet valve.

(3) turn on the power switch of the controller, check whether the reading of its instrument is normal, and stop it after checking if there is no problem.

(4) give the controller an automatic start signal, and let the diesel engine run at the normal starting speed.When the controller gives an automatic stop signal, the diesel engine should be able to stop for a long time.

(5)  if the flow and head of the pump cannot meet the specified use requirements, the accelerator can be adjusted appropriately, or the speed of diesel engine can be increased or reduced.