Fault diagnosis and troubleshooting for small diesel generators

- Oct 22, 2018-

201809270936412189625The fault should be judged from the whole analysis, and the fault should be eliminated in a comprehensive way.

The various systems, components and parts of small diesel generators are closely related to each other. When one component, system or part fails, other systems, components or parts will inevitably be involved. Therefore, a fault phenomenon can not be viewed in isolation, from the overall analysis of the cause of the failure and timely troubleshooting.


1. When looking for minor diesel generator failures, disassembly should be minimized.


In the process of troubleshooting, the components of a small diesel generator should not be disassembled blindly. The structure, working principle and fault location of the small diesel generator should be understood before disassembly. Only on the basis of scientific and careful analysis can they be disassembled. 


For example, in the running process of small diesel generators, if the machine be removed blindly without identifying the cause or the damage to that part, which will not only extend the time of troubleshooting, but also may change the relative position of other parts.


2. When troubleshooting, we need to classify the systems of small diesel generators to find the problem.


The small diesel generator can be divided into diesel engines and generators.The diesel engine has two major components and five systems.The two major components are the fixed and relative motion components of diesel engine, such as cylinder cover, cylinder body, cylinder sleeve and so on belong to fixed components, while the piston, connecting rod and crankshaft are relative motion components.The five major systems are: fuel system, lubricating system, cooling system, air distribution system, start-up and charging system.


The generator is composed of stator, rotor, automatic voltage regulator and transmission control. The relationship between the stator and rotor is that the rotor of the generator needs to pass through the dc current to form a fixed magnetic pole. When the rotor rotates, the stator cuts the magnetic force line to generate ac voltage. Failure of any of the major systems and components of the generator of the diesel engine will result in the failure of the small diesel generator.