Factors and operational requirements that need attention in the operation of the agricultural generator

- Oct 25, 2017-

In the starting operation of the agricultural generator, the unit that stops for more than 24 hours must first open the test valve and then start the oil pump. For units has been closing down for more than 7 days, the exciter and  insulation resistance of the operating circuit should be measured and must meet the requirements.

When the agricultural generator operates, the equipment starts the fuel pump, and releases the air in the pipeline. Observe whether the voltage is within the specified range, and if it is normal, it can be started officially. Check whether the voltage of the starting power supply meets the requirements. If the voltage is normal, press the start button and wait for the diesel engine to operate normally and then release the button.

generac standby generator.jpg

After the agricultural generator is running, observe the indicated value of the oil pressure gauge. When it is above the specified value, stop the oil pump, and then close the blow-down valve of the scavenging pump.

After the agricultural generator is started, it can be considered that the generator and all the electrical equipment have been fully charged. At this time, the human body can’t contact the live parts. After the agricultural generator is started, it should gradually improve the speed of diesel engine, and carry out the inspection before power transmission.

The agricultural generator needs to adjust the speed of the diesel engine. But in the adjustment it should be noted that whether the operation of the generator is normal. Normally, the electric brush on the collector ring and commutator should have no jumpiness, spark and uncommon noise. The output voltage and frequency of the whole generator should be stable and reach 380v±10v.


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