Examples of specific USES for diesel pump generators and guide for product installation

- Jan 14, 2019-

Diesel pump generator, although the name is not short, but in essence, is a generator, or used to generate electricity.Therefore, in order to correctly and reasonably use the product and achieve the purpose of use, the following will carry out the diesel pump generator learning, its learning content is as follows.


1. Composition of standard unit in diesel pump generator


In the diesel pump generator, the standard unit is composed of diesel engine, generator, control system, unit and output protection switch, etc.In the system, there are cooling system, oil supply system and other systems, through these to constitute the unit, and at the same time, so that the unit can normal and smooth operation, and then, to achieve the purpose of use.


2. Does the manufacturer of diesel pump generator need to provide product description and installation guide?


The manufacturer of diesel pump generator needs to provide product description and installation guide at the same time, and the following contents should be included in the product installation guide, which is:


(1) Size and selection: typical load for electrical equipment, expected load for application.

(2) Electrical factors: peak load and stability, allowable applications.

(3) Cooling: engine cooling during power generation.

(4) Ventilation: allowable airflow during equipment cooling, including in design.

(5) Fuel storage: how long a generator can run at a given rate.

(6) Noise of a particular type: it is db in units.

(7) Exhaust volume: the environment around the generator should be taken into account so that there can be a comprehensive consideration.

(8) Boot system: in the boot mode, is the key to start, pull start or button start.


Through the above aspects, the diesel pump generator can be well installed to ensure the normal operation and use of the product, so as to ensure that the product has a good use effect, and will not be in the installation process failure problems, affecting the normal use of the product.


3. Does the diesel pump generator have emergency power supply?


The diesel pump generator has the application of emergency power supply. It can be used as the emergency power supply when it cannot be connected to the power grid or the power grid fails and cannot be used.In addition, based on this, the generator can be used in complex applications such as peak trip, grid support and grid output to improve the product's utilization.