Emergency diesel generator selection

- May 22, 2019-


In general, emergency diesel generator should be a diesel generator set with high speed, supercharging, low fuel consumption and the same capacity.The single engine of high speed supercharged diesel engine has larger capacity and occupies less space.The diesel engine is equipped with electronic or hydraulic speed regulating device.Generator should be equipped with brushless excitation or phase compound device of synchronous motor, more reliable, low failure rate, more convenient maintenance;When the capacity of a single air-conditioner or motor is large in the first stage load, it is advisable to choose the generator set with third-harmonic excitation.The unit is mounted on a common chassis with shock absorber;A muffler should be installed at the outlet of the exhaust pipe to reduce the impact of noise on the surrounding environment.


Selection of starting mode of unitThere are three starting modes of diesel engine:

(1) manual starting;

(2) electric starting;

(3) compressed air starting.


In high-rise buildings, electric starting mode should be adopted, and compressed air starting mode should be avoided.The diesel generator set with self-starter must be selected in a class of high-rise buildings. Once the power supply of the city network is interrupted, the power supply must be provided within 15 seconds (the high standard requires 30 seconds).When conditions permit, the units with self-starting device should also be used in second-class high-rise buildings, and manual starting device can also be used in case of difficulties.