Diesel pump generator product quality standard and diesel oil function

- Nov 16, 2018-


Diesel pump generator is a specific type of generator, and it is a common type. Therefore, it is necessary to have some familiarity and understanding, so as to know what diesel pump generator is, and at the same time, to realize the correct use and reasonable use of the product, so as to make full use of diesel pump generator.


1. Comparison between Marine diesel generator sets and diesel pump generators.


Marine diesel generating sets, namely diesel generating sets used on ships, are mainly used to provide electricity, but also can be used for electric propulsion, using full power or half power to propel ships of thousands of tons or more.The diesel engine is used as the prime mover for the onboard generator set.Based on this, it can be concluded that Marine diesel generator sets and diesel pump generators are not the same, with some differences, but for specific purposes, are used to generate electricity.


2. Is product quality of diesel pump generator important?

The quality of diesel pump generator is an important aspect from a professional point of view, so we should not treat it lightly.And the good quality is the need to meet some conditions, is as follows: the product installation and use of simple and convenient, and can have longer service life, in use process, it is not easy to malfunction, even failure problem, the manufacturers could deal with, in a timely manner so as not to bring bad effects to the user or cause economic losses, affect the normal use of the product.


3. Who is responsible for the installation of diesel pump generator?

Generally speaking, the installation of diesel pump generators is the responsibility of the manufacturer of the product, because they have professional installation personnel to ensure the quality of product installation and can be used immediately after installation.If users install the installation by themselves, it is not impossible, but because they are not professionals, there may be problems during the installation process, which will affect the installation effect and normal use of the product.Therefore, it is still suggested that the manufacturer should be responsible for the installation of the products.


4. Do diesel oil and oil in diesel pump generator have the same effect?

In diesel pump generators, there are two types of oil, diesel oil and engine oil, and, according to the professionals involved, the two types of oil act differently.

Diesel: it is the fuel of a generator. It allows the generator to run, turning kinetic energy into electricity and heat energy.

Motor oil: it is mainly used for lubrication, cooling, sealing and cleaning.