Diesel pump generator online selection is available for preparation and comparison

- May 08, 2019-


Diesel pump generator, although only five words, but contains a lot of professional knowledge, so need to have a comprehensive understanding and understanding before the correct and reasonable use of the product, and then, can achieve the full use of the product and avoid waste.


1. Should the diesel pump generator be selected carefully?What are the relevant considerations?


Diesel pump generator selection, from a professional point of view, is the need to be careful and serious and carry on, because if the neglect and careless treatment, will appear wrong choice and bring adverse effects.Its in the selection of relevant factors on the need to know, its specific is: in the selection of products, is to take all the relevant factors into consideration, and to know what is important to consider factors and what are the necessary factors to consider, and these necessary factors, in the process of consideration is not an omission.


2. Is there any preparation for online purchase of diesel pump generator?


Diesel pump generator online purchase, that is to choose the product on the industry website, is the need to do some preparatory work, so as to ensure that buyers have accurate judgment and correct choice.On specific preparatory work content, it is to want to understand oneself to use demand clearly, 2 it is to want to understand product and manufacturer a few basic information, include product producing area, parameter, norms dimension, material pledges, price to wait these, see product picture and product evaluation even, in order to undertake reference, can accomplish know fairly well.


3. Comparison between diesel pump generator and ordinary automobile engine


Diesel pump generator, this is a specific type of generator, if compared with ordinary automotive generator, it can be concluded that they are in the speed requirements and power calibration and other aspects are different requirements.Moreover, in the equipment structure composition and structure form is not the same.So, these are two different devices or different products, they can not be confused, so as not to make mistakes in the selection and use.


4. Is there a solenoid valve on the diesel pump generator?


Diesel pump generator, it is a kind of valve solenoid valve, and we also need to know that if the generator is not started will not generate electricity, solenoid valve will not work after the oil supply, and then the engine can not start.Therefore, the electric energy used by the solenoid valve is supplied by the battery.