Diesel pump generator before starting inspection and start operation instructions

- Dec 17, 2018-


Diesel pump generator, like ordinary generators, is used to generate electricity or provide electricity, so as to be able to make full use of electricity, so that the diesel pump generator can also be used correctly and rationally and at the same time, has good use effect, there will be no product waste and other problems.


1. Is there any similarity between diesel pump generator and diesel generator?


Diesel generators, it is a small power generation equipment, with diesel oil as fuel, as the prime mover diesel engine driven generators of a machinery equipment, can be used for daily power and emergency power, on the composition, it is a diesel engine, generator, control box, fuel tank, and starting and protection devices, etc. These parts and devices.Therefore, through the description of diesel generator, it can be concluded that it and diesel pump generator oil is the same but different.


2. Should diesel pump generator be checked before starting?


Diesel pump generators need to be thoroughly and carefully checked before starting.Whether the equipment can operate and work normally, any fault problems or safety hazards, such as fault problems should be dealt with and solved in time, there are safety hazards should be removed in time.In addition, its specific inspection content is as follows:


(1) Whether the diesel pump generator is lubricated well and whether the amount of coolant and fuel is sufficient.

(2) Whether there is any leakage or leakage in all pipelines and joints of the system.

(3) Whether the electrical circuit is damaged or damaged, whether the grounding treatment of the equipment is good, and whether the connection between the unit and the foundation is firm.

(4) If the ambient temperature is too low, antifreeze can be appropriately added to prevent the equipment from being frozen and unable to start normally.


3. Instructions for starting and running diesel pump generator.


Diesel pump generator start, need to know is: press the button for 3 to 5 seconds, whether the equipment can start normally, if the start is not successful, should wait for 20 seconds to start again, if the repeated start is not successful, to check and troubleshoot the fault, so that the generator can start normally.


Operating instructions of diesel pump generator:

(1) after the equipment is successfully started, all parameters of the control box module shall be checked, mainly including oil pressure, water temperature, voltage and frequency.

(2) under normal circumstances, the speed of the equipment can directly reach the rated speed after starting. If idle speed is required, idle speed should be controlled within 3 to 5 minutes, and the time should not be too long, so as not to burn out the components.

(3) when the speed of the diesel pump generator reaches the rated speed, all parameters of no-load operation are stable before power supply can be closed.