Are diesel generators a good helper for backup power supplies?

- Nov 07, 2018-


A diesel generator is a kind of power generation equipment. Its working principle is that the engine burns diesel oil, the heat energy is converted into mechanical energy, the rotation of the generator drives the generator's cutting magnetic field, and finally generates electricity.


At present, in areas where economic development is relatively fast, the power network cannot keep up with the user's demand, so it is an important solution to set up a diesel generator set with short construction cycle to meet the user's electricity demand. Such generating sets generally have a large capacity and are able to provide continuous power supply to unsteady loads and allow 1h overload power supply time per 12h, with an overload capacity of 10% of the rated output power. Due to its long running time and heavy load, the allowable power relative to the limit power of the machine will be adjusted to a lower level.


Specific subdivision, there is also a microcomputer control automation unit. The unit is composed of diesel engine, synchronous generator, automatic fuel compensation device and automatic control screen.The automatic control screen is controlled by programmable automatic controller. In addition to the functions of starting the unit, it can also automatically increase or decrease the unit, automatically deal with the fault, automatically record and print the operation report of the unit, and automatically control the unit.The automation level of the unit can be configured according to actual needs.Such units are particularly suitable for use as emergency power supplies.


Diesel generators, with more convenient operation, higher efficiency, lower fuel consumption, longer service life, low carbon and environmental protection, are a good choice of alternative power sources.