Diesel generator set true and false identification method

- Nov 26, 2018-


At present domestic well-known diesel generator set brand on the market almost all have counterfeit.How can authenticity be identified?General diesel generating sets are divided into four parts: diesel engine, generator, control system and accessory.

1. Diesel engine.

Diesel engine is the power output part of the whole unit, accounting for 70% of the cost of diesel generating set, which is the most preferred part of some poor manufacturers.

1.1 Use the brand

At present the diesel engine that the well-known on the market has imitative manufacturer almost, a few manufacturer use these appearance similar imitate machine to imitate name brand, use the means such as making false nameplate, play true number, printing false factory data sets card, with false false, achieve the purpose that reduces cost greatly.It is difficult to distinguish between sets without a professional.

1.2 Renovation of old machines

Brands have refurbished, and it can be hard to tell if you're not a professional.However, there are still some cracks in the machine, such as paint, especially the dead corner paint, it is difficult to achieve the same as the original factory.

For example, some manufacturers use pinyin or homophone and even use the same word to register their own brands, such as: XXX company, KMS cummins generator sets, etc., associated with cummins engine no, actually just the name registered so-and-so generator co., LTD., and "cummins" brand without a relation, the manufacturers to buy outside of various configurations of less known and inferior brand diesel generating sets are foreign said so-and-so cummins generator set.

1.3 Mix up KVA and KW

Confuse the relationship between KVA and KW.Take KVA as KW to exaggerate power and sell to customers.In fact, KVA is commonly used abroad and KW is commonly used effective power in China. The relation between them is 1KW= 1.25kva.The imported units generally use KVA to represent the power unit, while domestic electrical equipment generally use KW to represent. Therefore, when calculating the power, the KVA should be converted to KW by 20%.

Instead of talking about the relationship between regular (rated) power and reserve power, just say one "power" and sell the reserve power to the customer as the common power.In fact, reserve power =1.1x common (rated) power.Moreover, the spare power can only be used for 1 hour in 12 hours continuous operation.

2. Generator part

The function of generator is to convert the power of diesel engine into electric energy, which is directly related to the quality and stability of output power.

2.1 Stator coil

The stator coil originally used copper wire, but with the improvement of wire making technology, copper clad aluminum core wire appeared.Unlike copper-clad aluminum wire, copper-clad aluminum core wire is made of copper-clad aluminum with a special mold, and the copper layer is much thicker than that of copper-plated copper wire.The performance of the generator stator coil is not much different with the copper clad aluminum core wire, but the service life is much shorter than that of the all-copper stator coil.

2.2 Excitation method

The excitation mode of generator is divided into two types: phase compound excitation and brushless self-excitation.Brushless self-excitation with the advantage of stable excitation and simple maintenance has become the mainstream, but there are still some manufacturers to consider the cost under 300KW of generating sets in the configuration of a hybrid generator.

3. Control system

The normal standard units need to be manually switched off. It generally takes 10 to 30 minutes from the power cut to the start and transmission of diesel generator units.

The automatic control of diesel generator sets is divided into semi-automatic and automatic unattended type.The semi-automatic machine starts automatically when power is cut off and stops automatically when calling, saving the time of starting and stopping, but it still needs to be manually switched off.The automatic unattended control screen is equipped with ATS dual-power switching switch, which can directly automatically detect the municipal power signal and automatically switch, simultaneously control the generator set to start and stop automatically, realizing the automatic unattended operation and the switching time can be adjusted in 3-7 seconds.

Hospitals, troops, fire fighting and other places to be sent electricity in a timely manner and equipped with automatic control screens.

4. Accessory parts

Standard accessories of normal diesel generator set consist of battery, battery wire, muffler, shock absorber, air filter, diesel filter, oil filter, corrugated pipe, joint flange and oil pipe.