Diesel generator set for pump general requirements and the role of oil pump

- Dec 12, 2018-


Pump diesel generator set, its specific use, is to generate electricity and provide electricity, so, need to be through a comprehensive understanding and in-depth understanding of the correct and reasonable use and full use, so as to make the product has a good use effect.


1. Diesel generator set for pump selection considerations, whether it has to consider the sequence requirements?


Pump diesel generator set purchase involved in the consideration of factors, including product origin, detailed parameters, product price and quality, manufacturers and after-sales service of products and other factors can not be considered.However, there is no clear requirement on the order of consideration, and it is generally conducted simultaneously and comprehensively so as to make an accurate judgment and have a correct choice of results.


2. What are the general requirements for diesel generator sets for pumps?


Diesel generator set for pump, which has general requirements, is as follows:


(1) Each generator set and main device components shall have the rated nameplate of the manufacturer.In order to check the quality after manufacturing, installation and maintenance, as well as master the relevant parameters and characteristics of the unit, it is required to carry out some necessary tests in accordance with the requirements of relevant regulations to check whether the unit can be put into operation.


(2) Each diesel generator set must have operational spare parts and relevant technical data. In terms of technical data, it is necessary to have periodic preventive test and insulation analysis records of the generator set and its affiliated equipment, on-site operation procedures, installation and maintenance instruction manual and random supply of product drawings.


3. What must be taken into account when choosing the diesel generator set for pump?What is the specific function of the oil pump?


Pump diesel generator set selection, it must take into account factors, is for the mechanical and electrical performance of the unit, the use of the unit, the unit load capacity and variation range, the unit operating environment conditions and whether the unit has automatic function.In terms of operating environmental conditions of the unit, altitude, climatic conditions and noise requirements are included.


The role played by the oil pump in the diesel generator set for pump is to supply the oil with a certain pressure and flow rate in the circulating oil circuit of the lubrication system to ensure that the generator set has good lubrication quality and lubrication effect.In the specific types of oil pump, is the use of gear or rotor type oil pump more.