Diesel generator set for fire protection selection and how to determine the configuration?

- Apr 30, 2019-


The diesel generator set for fire fighting is the diesel generator set for fire fighting, and for all of us, it is also a diesel generator set that we need to be familiar with and understand, because it will be used in the field of fire fighting, we need to have a correct understanding of the rational use of the product, then, can make full use of the product.


1. Purchase of diesel generator set for fire fighting


Diesel generator set for fire fighting, which is a specific type of diesel generator set, and from a professional point of view, the selection of this product is an important work, need to be careful and serious, because if the wrong choice, will cause product waste and bring other adverse effects.


2. How to select good quality diesel generator set for fire fighting?


Want to choose a good quality fire diesel generator set, first of all, is to have a clear understanding of the use of demand, to determine the price range of their products can afford;Next, it is to want to choose major and normal manufacturer, can assure product quality and product have good use performance so, then, let a product have good use effect.


3. How to select the suitable diesel generator set for fire fighting?


In the fire diesel generator set, it is according to different requirements to choose the appropriate configuration, to ensure that the diesel generator set has good use effect, so, this work is an important work, also can not be treated lightly and careless, and the following, is to briefly explain, so that we have the right choice.


If the product is only used as a backup power source, and the product is used in a very low frequency and no important use, the choice of low configuration of the fire diesel generator set can meet the use requirements;If the product is used frequently, one or two times a week, but the continuous working time is not very long, should choose medium configuration of the fire diesel generator set;If the product is used frequently and needs to be used continuously for a long time, the diesel generator set with high configuration should be selected to meet the use requirements, and the product can also meet the use requirements in terms of service performance.


4. Can the brushless automatic exciter be used in the diesel generator set for fire fighting?


From the technical point of view, the brushless automatic excitation device can be used in the fire fighting diesel generator set, and this is a kind of high-speed diesel generator set, which has the advantages of small size, light weight and safe and reliable starting operation.When used with automatic voltage regulator, the static voltage regulation rate can be kept within 2.5%, which can improve the performance of diesel generator set.