Inspection before use of diesel generator set for irrigation and the specific meaning of small size

- Jan 11, 2019-


The diesel generator set for irrigation, although its name is very long, can be simply understood as the diesel generator set used in irrigation operations, and ordinary diesel generator set, is also used to generate electricity and provide electricity.Therefore, in order to have a comprehensive understanding and in-depth understanding of the diesel generator set, the following, in the future, a good understanding of irrigation diesel generator set, to achieve the purpose.


1. Are there important factors to consider when purchasing diesel generator sets for irrigation?Is there a requirement to consider the order of related factors?

The selection and purchase of diesel generator set for irrigation is an important work, which needs to be taken seriously and carried out, so as to avoid careless treatment of wrong choice, product waste and economic loss to users.Moreover, all relevant factors need to be taken into account, so that accurate judgment and correct selection of results can be made.And these considerations, because they are related to the purchase of products, so are important considerations, and can not say what is more important.In terms of the order of consideration, there is no specific requirement in this regard, but comprehensive and comprehensive consideration is generally required.


2. Does the diesel generator set for irrigation have different power?Is it important to check before use?

The diesel generator set for irrigation has different powers or different power sizes.So, should choose proper power according to actual situation and specific requirement.And, still need to know is, this unit is different power is corresponding to different price.

This kind of diesel generator set before the use of the inspection, from a professional point of view, is an important work, and can not be ignored and careless treatment, because it is related to the normal use of the unit and whether there is a good use effect.And, it is corresponding to the inspection items and inspection content, should be strictly in accordance with the provisions and requirements of the inspection work, to ensure that the normal use of the unit and a good use effect.


3. Comparison of diesel generator sets for irrigation and whether there are small diesel generator sets?

If the diesel generator set for irrigation is compared with the ordinary diesel generator set, it is mainly different in specific use, because the former is targeted in use, while the latter has a wide range of applications and is not targeted.Among the diesel generator sets for irrigation, there are small diesel generator sets, which refer to the power of the generator set rather than the volume or occupied area of the generator set. Generally, the generator sets with the power lower than 30KW are defined as small diesel generator sets, as are the diesel generator sets for irrigation.