Diesel generator lubrication system five functions

- May 17, 2019-


Diesel generating sets lubrication system task is to clean, temperature appropriate lubricating oil (oil) at a certain pressure to the surface of various friction lubrication, make certain oil film formed between two friction surface layer to prevent dry friction, reduce friction, reduce mechanical wear and tear, lower power consumption, thereby improving the working reliability of the diesel generator set and durability.The five functions of the lubrication system of diesel generator set are as follows:


1. Anti-friction: liquid friction is formed between two parts to reduce friction factor, reduce friction work and improve mechanical efficiency;Reduce wear and tear of parts and prolong service life.


2. Cooling: through the diesel generator lubricating oil to take away part of the heat absorbed by the parts, parts of the temperature will not be too high.


3. Cleaning: the use of recycling diesel generator lubricants wash parts surface, take away the parts due to wear metal chips and other dirty


4. Sealing: the use of lubricating oil film, improve the sealing of the cylinder.


5. Rust prevention: the lubricating oil is attached to the surface of the parts, which can prevent the parts from being oxidized and corroded in contact with water, air and gas, so as to reduce corrosive wear.


In addition, the lubricating oil film of the diesel generator set can also reduce the impact load between the shaft and the bearing and other parts.