Diesel generator engine room noise reduction solution

- Jan 24, 2018-

Diesel generator set’s working noise up to 110 decibels, diesel generator set noise can also cause some pollution to the environment.Therefore, diesel generator set’s room noise reduction is also necessary work, the following diesel generator set manufacturer, wuxi power will discuss the design of engine room noise reduction!

1.Portal of diesel generator set

Each generator rooms have more than one entry, the sound room doors should not set too big, usually set a main door and a small door, not more than 3 square meters, metal structure, internal attached high intensity sound insulation material, external for the metal plate, mute door work closely with up and down walls and doors

2.intake system noise reduction

Diesel generating set need quite enough air intake to maintain the normal operation, generally speaking,the air intake system of generator room should be installed in the opposite location of generator exhaust fan , and air be forced pumped into the room through a quieter blower.

3.sound attenuation of diesel generating sets exhaust system

Most of the diesel generator using radiator for cooling , radiator heat must be discharged outside the room, to avoid the noise coming from outside the generator room, must install silencing system for the exhaust system.

4.exhaust system of diesel generator room

Exhaust must pass through the outside silencing grooves with the wind to keep noise to a minimum, the silencing grooves external to the brick structure, internal is sound-absorbing board.

5.Diesel engine exhaust noise elimination system

Exhaust emissions from diesel generators produce certain noise, we can establish a sound box on exhaust system in generating set , fire rock wool materials shall be binding on exhaust silencer pipe.It can reduce the heat to the room and both the unit vibration, so as to achieve the purpose of the attenuation of noise.http://www.wandiengine.com/