Diesel generating set selection need to pay attention to the following three problems

- Jan 27, 2018-

Diesel generator is mainly used in important place, in an emergency or accident blackout moments after a power outage, recover and extend power supply time with a diesel generating set , need to pay attention to 3 points below when choose it .

1.Diesel generator capacity

The determination of generator capacity should be calibration capacity of the 12 h after atmospheric correction calibration capacity, the capacity should be able to meet the emergency electric total computational load, and according to the diesel generator capacity can satisfy the level load in the single largest capacity of the requirement of the motor starting.Three-phase ac synchronous generator is generally selected on emergency generator , its calibration output voltage is 400 v.

2. Number of diesel generator sets

Set 1 diesel generating sets commonly, from a reliability considering also can choose 2 units in parallel to the power supply, the emergency generator sets should not be commonly more than 3 units.when set more than one unit, the unit shall have the same model, capacity, voltage regulator, speed characteristics, equipped with similar fuel character, for maintenance and sharing of spare parts

3. Choice of parts

Choose high speed, pressure, low fuel consumption diesel engine, High speed turbocharged diesel engine capacity is bigger,little space;Choose electronic or hydraulic speed regulating device of diesel engine for better speed control performance ;Generator made selection with brushless excitation or phase compound excitation device of synchronous motor, more reliable, low failure rate, maintenance is convenient;When the level of load capacity or single air conditioner in the motor capacity is larger, appropriate chooses three harmonic excitation generator set;The unit is installed on a common frame; installed muffler on exhaust pipe to reduce the influence of noise on the surrounding environment.http://www.wandiengine.com/