DIESEL ENGINE Structure、model and application

- Oct 12, 2017-

WD series diesel engines are high speed, four strokes, direct injection and water-cooled model. They are divided into model in-line 6 cylinder and model 12V according to cylinder arrangement, aspirated, turbo-charged and inter-cooled According to air intake way. 140 stroke, 150 stroke, 160 stroke according to the stroke of piston. 135 series, 138 series, 140 series according to cylinder bore. Our engines are widely used in the field of generating-set, agricultural irrigation, construction machinery, emergency fire protection pump and other industry. It can also be used as light railway locomotive power and auxiliary power of marine application. 

Model in-line 6 cylinder diesel engine use integral crankshaft and gantry cylinder block while model 12V diesel engine uses combined crankshaft and tunnel cylinder block. Power is output from the flywheel end. Therefore, suitable power take-offs and necessary accessories must be attached to the engine before it can be properly used. Connection of the output end is SAE type and can also be modified to resilient coupling. Cylinder number designation of model 12V diesel engine: Viewed from the flywheel end, the right hand bank is the first bank and the left hand bank is the second bank; counted from free end, the first bank is cylinder numbers 1-6, the second bank is cylinder numbers 7-12. Our product is designed in the principle of series, standard, general, so that the main components can be exchanged. 


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