Diesel agricultural generator operation process and power conversion

- Jul 17, 2018-

Diesel generator of agriculture in the process of work mainly diesel fuel is a kind of power generation equipment, mainly in use diesel engine as the motive power to drive the generator power generation, converts kinetic energy into electrical energy and thermal power equipment.

Diesel generator of agriculture in the process, will be effective the diesel energy into electricity effectively, equipment is one of the types of internal combustion engine, diesel injection when they use in the cylinder and air mixed, burned for man into mechanical energy to heat the engine.

Diesel generator for use in agriculture mainly rely on the fuel combustion gas expands to push the piston for linear motion, the equipment will be through the crank connecting rod mechanism makes the crankshaft rotation, thus the output mechanical work, in the diesel engine cylinder, after air filter to filter the clean air and nozzle jet of high pressure atomized diesel hybrid, under the piston lines of extrusion, shrinkage, temperature rise rapidly, to achieve the diesel ignition point.

Diesel agricultural generator is a type of ac power supply equipment of self-owned power station. It is a small and independent power generation equipment.Modern diesel generator set consists of a diesel engine, three-phase ac brushless synchronous generator, control box (screen), the cooling water tank, coupling, fuel tank, muffler, and components such as public base overall rigidity.

Diesel generator of agriculture of the flywheel shell to the front end cover of the generator axial convex shoulder positioning direct connection is adopted to form an organic whole, and USES the cylindrical elastic coupling by the rotation of the flywheel direct drive generators, its connection mode by the screw together, make the connection into a steel body, guarantee the concentricity of the crankshaft of diesel engine and the generator rotor within the prescribed scope.

The next thing I want to talk about in the diesel generator room is that you should have a fire extinguisher and other fire fighting tools.And the unit itself is composed of diesel engine, ac synchronous generator, its control panel, chassis, coupling and radiator, fuel tank, etc.

The diesel engine on the diesel generator and the shaft of the generator will actually be connected directly.And in general, we're just going to notice that in terms of its principal axis it's going to have a flywheel to increase the smoothness of the operation.In general, diesel generators will be assembled by manufacturers into a set of units on the supply.