How to select a diesel generator for pump.

- Oct 12, 2018-

When a diesel generator is used on a variety of pumps, we may call it a pump diesel generator.Next, the article provides a detailed introduction to this product, enabling you to get a deeper understanding of it.


1. The diesel generator of pump diesel generator set.

The diesel generator in the pump diesel generating set is the same as the ordinary diesel generating set in terms of structure and performance.But the range of applications will be different, because the pump diesel generators are used on a variety of pumps, such as water pumps.So it's kind of targeted.


2. How to choose the power of water pump diesel generator

When we select the power of water pump diesel generator, we need to know some professional knowledge, because diesel generator is different from transformer and its output power is relatively fixed.Generally speaking, the pump needs at least 3 times of starting current when it starts, and the generator set cannot bear it. Therefore, if the pump power is 15KW, the power of the diesel generator set should be at least 40-50kw, so that the pump can start normally.Different pump power needs to correspond to different diesel generator power, which cannot be selected incorrectly.


3. Other factors to be considered in the selection of pump diesel generators

Capacity: it can be selected according to the requirement of load for the unit's long-term continuous operation output power, and the reserve capacity of the generator set should be determined too.Its continuous output power is generally 0.9 times of the calibrated power.


Speed and voltage: diesel generator sets for civil pumps can be divided into high speed and low speed. The high speed is 1000-1500 RPM and the low speed is 300-350 RPM.When the voltage is determined, it depends on the actual situation, the working environment and the requirements.If necessary,we can use high voltage generator set.


The factors to be taken into consideration in the selection of the pump diesel generating set include mechanical and electrical properties, load capacity and variation range, product operating environment and automation functions.In the product use environment, attention should be paid to altitude, climate conditions and noise.In addition, since diesel generator sets have three applicable scope of common use, standby and emergency, different requirements should be selected.