Describe the isolated operation mode of diesel generator

- Aug 30, 2018-

When talking about the isolated operation mode of diesel generators, when there is no connection to the power grid, we should pay attention to one or more diesel generators operated by them, which will be called the isolated operation mode.However, on the other hand, for its parallel working generator, it can actually achieve better efficiency under partial load.

In this respect, for the isolated community of the isolated island power plant, to a large extent it will actually have at least three diesel generators, for which any two of them will be rated for the required load.

In the case of diesel generators, we have to pay attention to the extent that electricity can be directly connected through a synchronous process.Synchronization involves matching voltage, frequency and phase before connecting the generator directly to the system.There is no way to synchronize the connection before it is made, so that to a large extent it is actually possible to directly cause high short-circuit current or wear on the generator or its switchgear.

Then, in terms of its synchronization process, it can be done automatically by the automatic synchronization module, or manually by a guide operator.The selsyn reads the voltage, frequency, and phase parameters from the generator and bus voltages. At the same time, the speed is adjusted via the engine governor or ECM (engine control module).

Finally, in terms of load sharing, its will to a large extent also is actually falling through the use of controlled by diesel generator frequency speed control to implement, at the same time, it also is constantly adjust diesel generator fuel control to transfer load to the rest of the power supply or proceed to transfer the load from the rest of the power supply.