Consideration and comparison of diesel generator sets for irrigation

- Jan 30, 2019-


Diesel generator set for irrigation is the diesel generator set for irrigation, and from another perspective, because it is in the diesel generator set, so it is necessary to be familiar with and understand, so as to achieve the correct and reasonable use of the product, and then, can make full use of.


1. Why are diesel generators used in hydropower stations?Is it a diesel generator set for irrigation?


In hydropower stations, the diesel generator set is used because it is an integral part of the power system of the plant.In the use of diesel generator sets, can ensure the safety of the plant electricity and power supply will not be affected by blackouts.The diesel generator set for irrigation is different in the specific use.


2. Are there important and necessary factors to consider when purchasing diesel generator sets for irrigation?


Diesel generator set for irrigation. All relevant factors should be taken into consideration when purchasing this product, so as to make the right choice and select the right product.And there are important considerations, but it's important to know that anything that's relevant to the product selection is an important consideration, not just some of them.In addition, there are some other factors that must be taken into account. All of these factors must be taken into account when choosing a product.


3. Do diesel generators for irrigation have advantages?


The diesel generator set for irrigation has advantages as follows:

(1) in terms of operating costs, diesel is lower than gasoline, coal and other energy sources. Generally speaking, it can save 28% to 30%.

(2) it is very convenient and simple in maintenance, and the power supply is sufficient, with a certain width and freedom of choice.

(3) can be durable, as long as the proper maintenance, the service life can reach decades.

(4) in terms of working time, there may be a long working time, because the internal structure of the unit can allow the rapid cooling through the internal water circulation, to avoid the problem of too high temperature.


4. Can ordinary diesel generator set be used for irrigation?


Irrigation diesel generator set, this is a specific type of diesel generator set, so it and ordinary diesel generator set, is the same.And ordinary diesel generator set, is can be through some transformation to get irrigation diesel generator set, and can be used normally.