Comparison of pump diesel generator unit price and power and its connection

- Nov 09, 2018-


Pump diesel generator set, that is, diesel generator set used for various pumps, is mainly used for power generation. Therefore, it is called pump diesel generator set.The next step is to learn about this diesel generator so you know what it is and how to operate it.


1、Does the price of the pump diesel generator matter?Is the power related to the price?


Pump diesel generator set price, this is an important aspect, especially in the product selection work, because if does not pay attention to the product price, then, will affect the correct selection and normal use of the product.Therefore, based on this point, the above conclusion can be reached.The power size of this diesel generating set is related to the product price, because they are proportional to each other, that is, the higher the power of the unit, the higher the price of the product. Therefore, the size of power required by the product should be determined before determining the product price.


2、The connection of ordinary diesel generator set and pump diesel generator set is compared


Ordinary diesel generating set, usually is connected by shaft, which for the single fulcrum connection, directly on the diesel engine shaft directly connect with the steel sheet on the generator, and pump with diesel generator set, the connection is a connection plate connection, is the double pivot connection, excessive use, between diesel engine and pump at the same time, still use condoms to connect.Therefore, the connection between these two diesel generators is different.


3、30kw pump, what power should be used for the pump diesel generator set?


For the pump of 30kw, it should use the diesel generator set with more power, mainly according to the specific operation requirements of the unit. From previous experience, it is required to be equipped with the diesel generator set with more than 80kw pumps.Furthermore, it is also necessary to know that diesel generator set is a kind of power supply equipment, which is driven by diesel engine and drives synchronous generator to generate electricity, and it has good adaptability to the environment.


4、Fire pump USES diesel generator set with pump, what specific regulation asks?


The specific requirements of the diesel generator set for fire pump are as follows:

(1) diesel engines used in pumping diesel generators shall use compression ignition type diesel engines.

(2) before use, the influence of poster height and environmental temperature on unit power should be considered.

(3) the unit shall be capable of continuous operation and operation, and its trial operation time shall not be less than 24 hours.

(4) the battery used in the unit should be able to meet the requirement of automatic pumping at any time, and its oil tank is also specific in terms of volume.