Comparison of diesel generator set for pump and its price and lift relationship

- Jan 17, 2019-


Pump diesel generator set, that is, with a variety of pump matching the use of diesel generator set, and it is still a generator set, or used to generate electricity, but in the application is not so widely.Therefore, in order to distinguish it from ordinary diesel generator set, the following will carry out the product learning and understanding, to achieve the purpose.


1. Is there an important and essential factor to consider when purchasing a diesel generator set for pump?


Pump with diesel generating sets, in the choose and buy the products, is the need to consider all relevant factors, and is an important consideration, however, need to know is, as long as related to products of choose and buy, are as important factor, and cannot be considered some of the factors, so as not to affect the product correct choose and buy, moreover, it is some factors must be considered, is for the product origin, detailed parameters and price, quality, manufacturers and the six product after-sales service.


2. The connection between the pump and the diesel generator set for the pump, what are the connection methods?


The connection between the pump and the diesel generator set for the pump is provided with a connection plate connection and a transition ring plus a rubber sleeve connection.Both of these connections have their own advantages, so the choice between them depends on the actual situation and the connection requirements.Also, it's important to know that you can't say which one is better, only which connection is appropriate in which circumstances.


3. Is the price of diesel generator set for pump related to its head?


Pump diesel generator set price, there are a lot of related factors, such as product specifications, models, manufacturers, etc., in addition, there may be some other related factors.The unit head is mainly related to the unit power and size, and these two are related to the unit price, so the pump diesel generator set price, to some extent, is related to the product price, but only for indirect relationship rather than direct impact.


4. Is there any difference between the conventional and emergency diesel generator set for pump?


Pump in diesel generator set is the conventional units and emergency units, we compare the two units, can know is that they work in the continuous time, load curve, unit capacity, type selection and control mode of the unit, are all different, so, they are have a lot of difference and difference, we should correct selection and use, to avoid mistakes.