Comparison and acceptance of diesel generator set for fire protection

- Dec 26, 2018-


Diesel generator set for fire fighting is a specific type of diesel generator set, but also a common and commonly used type, so it is necessary to be familiar with and understand, so as to achieve the correct and reasonable use of the product, and to have a good use effect, at the same time, can also avoid the waste of products and other problems.


1. Is there comparability between the relevant considerations for the purchase of diesel generator sets for fire fighting?


The purchase of diesel generator set for fire fighting requires all relevant factors to be taken into account, so as to have accurate judgment and correct choice of results, and then to choose the right products.From the professional point of view, as long as related to the purchase of products, are important factors to consider, and they are equally important, can not say which of the factors to be more important.Therefore, it can be concluded that there is no comparability between the relevant factors and that, from another point of view, it is of no significance and value to make such a comparison.


2. Power and product price of diesel generator set for fire fighting, which one should be determined first?


Fire use diesel generator set, this is a specific type, diesel generating set is there are different power, and different power corresponding to different product price, so, this kind of diesel generating set is a direct relation between power and product prices and great influence, and they are for the proportional relationship between, the greater the power price is higher.And in the choice, is to determine the diesel generator set power required, and then to determine the product price of the unit.


3. What are the basic requirements for the use of diesel generators for fire fighting?


Diesel generator set for fire fighting has some basic requirements in use, and needs to be able to meet these basic requirements, to ensure that the unit has good performance and effect.The basic requirements are: must be able to achieve automatic operation and automatic switching.On startup, it shall be able to start, generate electricity and close the switch immediately within 30 seconds without delay.


4. Acceptance of diesel generator set for fire fighting


The specific content of the on-site acceptance inspection of diesel generator set for fire fighting is as follows: check the main engine, accessories, special tools, spare parts and accompanying technical documents one by one according to the packing list, and check the qualification certificate and the factory trial operation record, the factory test record of the unit and its control cabinet.In addition, the appearance inspection should be carried out to check whether there is nameplate on the unit, whether the label on the nameplate is clear and complete, whether there are missing parts in the fuselage, whether the coating is complete and whether there are any omissions.