Compares between container type generator and traditionally set diesel generator room (Ⅱ)

- Dec 07, 2017-


According to the above comparison and analysis of two schemes, it can draw a conclusion that the direct investment margin of scheme one is wider than that of scheme two with extra money of 885 thousand RMB, and the cost of scheme one is three times that of scheme two. Although the electrical designers will try to use the marginal areas of the basement as the generator room instead of occupying areas that can be set as parking spaces, the first scheme will cause more waste of space.


Because of the above reason, the author recommends that the second scheme should be of top priority if the project is with maximum load grade and smaller capacity (within 250 W) in the area where the natural conditions are relatively good, and when the municipal back-up supply power cannot be connected and the self-provided diesel generator is required, which is to select outdoor container-type diesel generator as its back-up power supply. For example, as for elementary schools, middle schools, and the second type of small high-rise residential buildings and so on, scheme two can save a lot of money and land, thus to realize the harmonious unity of safety, reliability and reasonable economic development, and provide high-quality schemes to investors.