Common diesel generator set type selection method and exhaust, fuel, cooling system installation

- May 15, 2019-


The diesel generator set selection should consider the main factors include mechanical and electrical performance, the use of the unit, load capacity and range of change, the unit's operating conditions (including altitude, climate conditions, noise), automation functions.Because the diesel generator set can be used in common use, standby and emergency three situations, so different USES of diesel generator set requirements are different.


The common generator set has a long working time, the load curve changes greatly, the unit capacity, the number of units, the type selection and the unit control mode are different from the emergency unit.


Exhaust system installation: the exhaust system of the diesel generator set is composed of flanged pipes, supporting parts, bellows and muffler. Asbestos gasket should be added at the flange connection. The outlet of the exhaust pipe should be polished and the muffler should be installed correctly.The bellows connected between the unit and the exhaust pipe shall not bear force, and the outer side of the exhaust pipe shall be covered with an insulating material.


Installation of fuel and cooling system: it mainly includes installation of storage tank, machine oil tank, cooling water tank, electric heater, pump, instrument and pipeline.