Can Biodiesel be directly used in diesel generating sets ?

- Jan 26, 2018-

Biodiesel as a renewable energy products, a lot of people want to know if it has any difference from commonly used petrochemical diesel,and whether or not it can replace diesel directly without damage the engine. Today, according to these problems , wuxi power compiled some solutions to the related content.

Environmental protection of biological diesel oil

Biodiesel using oil crops, aquatic vegetable oils, animal fats, and food waste oil (commonly known as "gutter oil") as raw materials, made by ester exchange process of production and processing of renewable diesel fuel.Compared with petroleum diesel, biodiesel, first of all, it has excellent environmental protection feature, and can start in low temperature, lubrication performance, high safety performance, renewable and other excellent properties, especially the combustibility of biodiesel is generally better than petrochemical diesel, combustion residue is slightly acidic, the catalyst and the service life of engine oil are extended effectively.In daily life, biodiesel if mixed with certain proportion and petroleum diesel to mediate, we can reduce fuel consumption, improve power performance, and reduce the exhaust pollution.

So, can diesel generating sets directly use the biodiesel

Shanghai food safety committee office multi-sectoral cooperation with engine research center, used to make an experiment about biodiesel used in diesel generating sets , using food waste oil to produce biodiesel and used it in diesel generating sets of auxiliary energy. We found that 10% of biodiesel mixed with 90% petroleum diesel blended fuel, can smoothly make diesel generating sets working without any changes on engine and engine’s performance like fuel economy, durability indicators such as little effect, but the biodiesel oxygen, nox emissions increased, but the difference is very small.

And this mixture biodiesel fuel were also tested in Shanghai’s three diesel generating sets and 50 diesel taxi, totally tested for more than 1000 hours of operation, found no significant effects or damage on the diesel generator set.But there are also experts said,biodiesel is not particularly stable at present ,and low added value, therefore, whether it can completely replace diesel generating sets is still need to be fastidious.