Basic question and answer of diesel generator set

- Sep 15, 2017-

1. Basic composition of generation set

Answer: the standard type diesel generator set is composed of three parts:

Power part - diesel engine

Power generation part - alternator

Control part - diesel generator control system

2.The principle of diesel generator

Answer: the diesel generator set power generation and hydropower, thermal power, wind power generating equipment are based on the same principle -- - theory of electromagnetic induction

Cutting part of the closed circuit conductor in magnetic field magnetic induction line movement, creates an electric current from a conductor.This phenomenon is called electromagnetic induction phenomenon.The current is called induction current.

In diesel generator set, diesel engine have power by burning air mixture.And inside the alternator armature winding and field winding or permanent magnets, the armature winding is the conductor, or permanent magnet excitation winding is can produce a magnetic field.So driven by diesel engine power generator armature winding excitation winding or rotating permanent magnet, using the 'electromagnetic induction principle, the generator will output induction electromotive force, the closed load circuit will generate an electric current.

So we can simply explain the diesel generating set power generation principle of diesel engine by passing mechanical energy to ac power, make the magnetic field inside the generator internal closed circuit and the generator do relative movement of cutting lines of magnetic force and power generation.

3.Engine structure

A: we divide engines into gasoline engines, diesel engines, gas engine and so on by the differences using fuel .Although the structure of the engine and the specific structure is varied, but from the point of overall function, basic structure remains the same because its basic working principle is same, the petrol engine are made by two agencies, the five system composition, the diesel engine’s ignition is made by compression, so diesel engine doesn’t need ignition system.

◇crank-connecting rod mechanism

Is the main parts to ensure engine’s cycle working and energy conversion. It’s constituted by the block and crankshaft flywheel, etc.

◇valve mechanism

Function of valve-train is controlling time open and close the inlet valve and exhaust valve according to the working order of the engine and work process,  make the combustible mixture or air into the cylinder, and the waste gas to escape from the cylinder to achieve ventilation process.The opening of the inlet and exhaust valve is controlled by the camshaft.The camshaft by the crankshaft through cog belt or gear or chain drive.Inlet and exhaust valve and camshaft valve-train and some other parts together.

◇fuel supply system

Diesel engine for air mixture is established by compression nature, so the diesel engine fuel supply system is relatively complicated.Used for diesel engine fuel supply system functions not only to configure a certain quantity and the concentration of mixture, but also has certain pressure.Diesel engine intake pure air in the intake stroke., at the end of the compression stroke is close to diesel fuel by the fuel injection pump to increase the oil pressure to more than 10 mpa, spray through the injector into the cylinder, in a short time and high temperature compressed air mixing, form a combustible mixture.Due to their high diesel engine's compression ratio (usually for 16-22), so by the end of the compressed air in cylinder pressure can reach 3.5 4.5 MPa, and temperatures as high as 750-1000 k (and gasoline engine at this time of the mixture pressure will be 0.6 1.2 MPa, the temperature of 600-700 k), considerably more than diesel combustion temperature.After injection into the cylinder, so the diesel fuel in a short time immediately after mixed with air ignition burning themselves.Within the cylinder pressure increased to 6-9 mpa, temperature is up to 2000-2500 k.In high pressure gas, driven by piston movement and the crankshaft rotates downward and work, exhaust through the exhaust pipe same discharged into the atmosphere.

◇Lubrication Systems

The function of lubrication system is to make relative motion of the surface of the parts of quantitative clean oil, in order to realize the liquid friction, reduce friction, reduce the wear and tear of parts.And the parts surface cleaning and cooling.Lubrication system are usually made of lubricating oil, oil pump, oil filter and some valves, etc.

◇Cooling System

The function of the cooling system is to absorb the heated parts of heat to send out in time, ensure that the engine work in the most appropriate temperature condition.Water-cooled engine cooling system is usually by cooling water jacket, water pump, fan, radiator, thermostat, etc.

◇ignition system

In the gasoline engine, the combustible mixture in the cylinder is on, an electric spark ignites the ignition system usually consists of battery, generator, distributor, ignition coils and spark plugs, etc.

◇Starting System

It's not difficult to understand this, he crankshaft began to turn the engine start automatically the whole process of operation, referred to as the engine starting.Needed to complete the starting process of the device, called the engine starting system.