Basic knowledge about diesel generator sets

- Nov 20, 2018-


There are many problems in the operation of diesel generator set.Through understanding the diesel unit, it can be better put into use.This article will describe the basic knowledge of diesel generating sets from the aspects of capacity, noise reduction, smoke exhaust and heat dissipation.


1. Capacity

The power of a diesel generator set is viewed as a unit of power KVA, usually converted to KW by the design of a power factor of 0.8.The calculation capacity of the generator shall include the basic capacity of the uninterrupted power supply system, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

The performance grade of a data center diesel generator set shall not be lower than G3;The A-class data center generating set shall operate continuously and in unlimited time. The output power of the generating set shall meet the needs of the maximum average load of the data center.The output power of B-class data center generator sets can be selected according to the operating power limit of 500h.The A-level data center requires the fuel tank to keep the generator running for 12 hours.When the external oil supply time is guaranteed, the fuel storage capacity only needs to be greater than the external oil supply time.


2.  The noise reduction.

The room of generator should have air in, air out and smoke out, the wall should be solid wall, and the top and wall should be decorated with sound absorbing materials.Decoration materials to meet the fire, damp and corrosion-resistant requirements.Each juncture of condole top and sound-absorbing wall board should seal, door, window should sound insulation.


3. Smoke exhaust.

(1) If it is used indoors, the pipe must be connected to the outside, the pipe diameter must be larger than the muffler pipe diameter, and the pipe bend should not be more than 3, so as to ensure smooth smoke discharge. The outlet should tilt the pipe down 5~10 degrees to avoid rain water injection.If the pipe is installed vertically upward, add a rainproof cover to the top.

(2) The pipe shall be made of seamless steel pipe, and the muffler and corrugated expansion joint shall be provided with a spring hanger.The smoke exhaust pipe is insulated by rock wool shell and its outer layer is protected by galvanized steel plate.


4. Heat dissipation.

The inlet and outlet are made according to 1.5 times the area of the radiator outlet of the generator.If indoor by the site limit pipe exhaust air outside, the front of the exhaust pipe should be larger than the radiator air output volume installation fan.


5. Other.

(1) The tubing is galvanized steel pipe, and metal hose is used at the connection with the unit.Oil tank and oil pipe should be grounded reliably.

(2) Install explosion-proof lamps in the generator room, and install the municipal electrical socket nearby for maintenance and repair.

(3) The design of dry powder or gas extinguishing system in the generator room shall be considered at the concentration of 9%. Portable extinguishing device shall also be provided.